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Best Strollers For Beach 2024: Take A Peek At The Best Beach Buggies For Every Parent!

By Jennifer Ward

If you want to take your babies along with you, an all-terrain stroller can make your life easier than any other stroller. Not all, but there are some all-terrain strollers produced with beach excursions in mind.   

Which strollers work best for beach?   

Only those strollers that maneuver effortlessly on sands, soft or hard, have a large protective canopy and a spacious basket for beach trips. If that is light and compact, there won’t be anything else you may need for a memorable beach trip!    

When I take out my children on beach trips, three of them always have a lot of fun. The best thing about the stroller is, it helps to keep baby cool at the beach while moving. Last year, both Lily and Jason had a great time on the beach in Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller. However, Lily is a little older this year, so for Lily and Layla, the Evenflo Pivot Xplore all-terrain double stroller wagon is a smart choice than those bulky side-by-side strollers.    

As a premium buggy, I recommend the Bugaboo Fox 3 (1399$) for its amazing suspension and strolling over the 2-wheel position; I bought it when Jason was born, and he enjoyed every ride in it. However, if you need the best affordable beach stroller, pick the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight (340$)   

Let’s scroll down and check out a detailed review of my top pick of 7 best beach strollers, explore and have a hassle-free memorable beach outing every time. 

List of the best Strollers for Beach

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0: Best Overall Stroller 


  • Dimensions: 39-43(L) x 24.5(W) x 34.5-48(H) Inches
  • Weight: 28.5 pounds  
  • Suitable for: Newborn- Child  
  • Car seat Compatibility: Yes    
  • Basket weight capacity:  10 lbs.

Bob revolution flex 3.0 is a premium stroller for parents who often go for a beach trip. Its air-filled tires will provide a super smooth ride every time, whether wet or dry sandy beach. Moreover, the front swivel wheel also glides smoothly on sandy terrain or any terrain you would go.   


  • All-terrain suspension system: The Flex 3.0 stroller has impressive smooth rides on the beach thanks to its all-terrain suspension system. Its unique design includes air-filled tires for a smooth ride even on a sandy beach.   
  • Air-filled Wheels: Air–filled tires are best for beach sand; BOB Flex 3.0 got it. Because this type of tire absorbs the shocks and bumps on uneven terrain and gives a smooth ride, with Flex 3.0, you and your child can enjoy effortless roaming around the coastline. 
  • Easy fold mechanism: Revolution flex 3.0 has an easy folding mechanism. This mode comes in very handy for the beach trip as you don’t need to struggle while folding and unfolding the stroller.    
  • Spacious weight capacity: One main reason to choose this stroller is its spacious basket capacity. The flex 3.0 accommodates more weight (75 lbs.) than any other stroller in this list, which means this stroller can be in your family for a long time.  


  • Bulkier when folded: One thing that might bother many revolution flex users is that it remains bulky when folded. So, if you have limited space or a small car trunk, the stroller might not fit. However, you can always open the wheels for a more compact fold if the space gets too tight.   

Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon: Best Stroller Wagon     


  • Dimensions: 39.0(L) x 27.0(W) x 45.0(H) inches (unfolded)    
  • Weight: 35 pounds   
  • Suitable for: 3 months to 50 pounds   
  • Car seat Compatibility: Yes    

When thinking of a wagon stroller for the beach, Evenflo Pivot Xplore is the best stroller wagon for beach you can imagine. Moreover, the stroller has all-terrain wheels that handle all the ground bumps and work great on the beach sand. Its storage basket is spacious enough for beach essentials. What else are you looking for?     


  • Top-notch wheels: All-terrain wheels of the Evenflo Pivot Xplore deserve real clap. The wheels of the stroller wagon are so smooth to drive, unlike any other wagons I have tested before. There are two extra-large front wheels and a small set of wheels for a smoother ride. I like the break feature to chill around the beach.   
  • Dual Driving Modes: The Evenflo pivot explore is a wagon and stroller all-in-one. This means you can push and pull the stroller wagon allowing you to have dual driving modes. These modes were highly beneficial when we took them to the beach for a long outing; you might need that.   
  • Ease to Use and drive: I am amazed by Evenflo and how easy it was to fold and unfold; even though the stroller is big, it takes only seconds. While maneuvering, I didn’t feel this stroller was large or sluggish in any way!       
  • Adjustable Handlebar: It’s stressful and disappointing to have a non-adjustable handlebar, especially for the tall and short couple. Thankfully the Evenflo pivot is manufactured with an adjustable handlebar, a massive advantage for many parents.  


  • Little storage space: If you have a lot of things to pack on your beach trip and have more than two toddlers, then the little storage space of Evenflo won’t be suitable.  

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller: Best All-Terrain Stroller For Beach


  • Stroller dimensions: 47.00 (L) x 24.00 (W) x 42.50(H) inches  
  • Stroller weight: 50 lbs.   
  • Suitable for: 6 months- child   
  • Car seat Compatibility: yes   
  • Basket weight capacity: 5 lbs.

Baby Trend Expedition is one of the best strollers for beach on my list for a reason. It’s an all-terrain stroller that comes with large bicycle tires, which is better for sand gliding. If you live by the beach and maintain jogging regularly across the beach shore with your kids and enjoy the ocean, this is the stroller you need.   


  • Large, durable Bicycle Tires: Baby trend jogger stroller comes with a large bicycle tire (12 Inches in front and 16 inches in the rear) that hardly sink on the beach sand. The bicycle tires with the front swivel wheel create a smooth beach ride. The wheel can be locked for a better jogging experience.  
  • Can be converted to a travel system: The good news is the Baby Trend Jogger stroller can be paired with a car seat. However, the baby trend stroller is only compatible with baby trend car seats.     
  • Adjustable Canopy: Even though every stroller in this list comes with a regular canopy, this Baby Trend stroller features an adjustable one. An adjustable canopy is more beneficial for me while strolling through the beach. It makes me worry less about the harmful rays.   
  • Comes with child tray: The baby trend expedition jogger comes with a child tray which is handy for a beach outing. The two cup holders and a place for snacks are undoubtedly great perks to have.   


  • No adjustable handlebars: Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller is packed with many features. However, it doesn’t have an adjustable handlebar in it. So, parents who are too short or tall may find difficulties using this stroller.   

Bugaboo Fox 3: Best Luxury Stroller 


  • Stroller dimensions: 33-42( L) x 24( W) x 35-43(H) Inches   
  • Stroller weight: 21.8 pounds   
  • Suitable for: Birth to 48.5 pounds   
  • Car seat Compatibility: yes    
  • Basket weight capacity: 22 pounds  

Here comes the Bugaboo Fox 3; it’s a luxury premium stroller for modern, urban, trendy parents who wants to flaunt their style too on their beach trips. Not only a style statement, but the luxurious Fox 3 is also a beach-ready stroller with advanced suspension, an oversized canopy, and a large storage basket.   


  • All-terrain wheels with a suspension system: Bugaboo fox 3 luxury stroller is equipped with an all-wheel suspension. The suspension system provides a smooth and bump-free ride on beach terrains. While testing, this stroller felt like a dream. It has great suspension coupled with all-terrain wheels, which ranks it among the best strollers for beach.    
  • Foam-filled tires: Besides being a luxury stroller, Bugaboo differs from other strollers because of its 4-wheel design and foam-filled tires. One fact I noticed in the Bugaboo stroller is that I could use it in a 2-wheel position, which can be handy while on a beach trip.    
  • Self-standing easy-fold stroller: Bugaboo Fox 3 self-stands when folded, and it’s a game changer because it doesn’t lay flat and so it doesn’t get covered with a lot of sand after a trip; it’s easily portable for a hassle-free beach trip.       
  • Includes bassinet for Newborn: With the bassinet, Fox 3 is newborn-ready. The large bassinet comes with a breathable panel so that your little one can get some airflow. So, you don’t have to worry about carrying your Newborn in this premium beach buggy!   


  • Expensive: One thing that bothered me is that this stroller might not be for all. It’s only perfect for those who are flexible with their budget and wouldn’t mind spending a fortune. But if you are on a budget, I wouldn’t recommend this stroller. Instead, other strollers on the list can bring you the best value for money.   

Thule Urban Glide 2: Best Jogger Stroller For Beach 


  • Dimensions: 41.1 ( L) x 27.2 (W) x 40 (H) Inches  
  • Weight: 24.4 lbs.    
  • Suitable for: 6 months-50 lbs.    
  • Car seat Compatibility: yes    
  • Basket weight capacity: 10 lbs

Thule urban glide is another all-terrain jogger stroller perfect for beach rides. It’s a premium jogger stroller, built keeping the active parents in mind. So, if you love to stroll your baby around the beach in style and comfort, this would be the best option in this list of the best strollers for beach.    


  • Air-filled rubber tires with swivel front wheel:  Thule Urban Glide 2 has an air-filled rubber tire with locking front wheels that work well on uneven terrains and bumpy roads. When the stroller was tested, it worked seamlessly on the beach, and the baby felt no jolt at all.     
  • One hand fold: The Glide 2 stroller can be folded with one hand easily. However, if your other hand is free, using both hands will make the stroller folding effortless.     
  • Safety features: The jogging stroller comes with a 5-point harness system. The harness has crotch straps and adjustable shoulders, which provide an easier fit when a little one is in the seat. The straps fit the shoulder and waist with just one single pull.   


  • Bulkier: Weighing around 24.4 lbs. Thule urban glide is considered a bulkier option than other strollers like bugaboo fox 3; carrying the stroller may seem like an added hassle for many parents, and they can go with any lightweight alternative stroller on the list.    

Joovy Zoom 360: Affordable Beach Stroller  


  • Dimensions: 54 (L) x 25 (W)x 46 (W) inches  
  • Weight: 25.9 lbs.   
  • Suitable for: 6 months – 75 lbs.    
  • Car seat Compatibility: Compatible with   

Joovy 360 Zoom is an affordable stroller from the Joovy family, renowned for its maneuverability and weight. This jogger stroller costs only $340 and is super easy to maneuver on the beach. If you are looking for an affordable yet best strollers for beach, then Joovy Zoom 360 should be the best choice for you.    


  • Rear wheel suspension system: The wheels on the Joovy 360 Zoom are of spoked aluminum, and its 16-inch air-filled tires are made of pneumatic rubber. While strolling across the beach shore, the stroller glided very smoothly. The air-filled tires with suspension were excellent to push and pull, thanks to advanced shock absorption on the back wheels.    
  • Lockable front swivel wheel: The Joovy stroller comes with lockable front wheels that would be handy while strolling on the beach. It allows you to maneuver the stroller quickly and comfortably with your baby.   
  • Oversized canopy: If I had to mention one thing that I loved most about this stroller is its oversized canopy. The canopy goes well past the knees and has a large peek-a-boo window to keep the baby in check. I found the peek-a-boo window handy because I could keep the baby in check without opening it.    


  • Non-adjustable handlebar: The Joovy 360s handlebar is not adjustable. So as a tall mom, I found it a bit uncomfortable to maneuver on the beach. If you are a taller or shorter parent, this may be a turning-off for you.    

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger: Best Double Stroller for Beach 


  • Dimensions: 42.0(L) x 46.0 (W) x 32.5 (H) Inches.   
  • Weight: 25 pounds    
  • Suitable for: 6 months –50 pounds    
  • Car seat Compatibility: Not Compatible    
  • Basket weight capacity: 5 lbs 

Finally, coming down to the last best stroller for the beach- Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger. It’s a wonderful 3-wheeled double stroller made to surf beach terrains. So, if you don’t want to go for a wagon for two like the Evenflo Wagon, then this could be the best pick for you.    


  • Multi-position Seat Reclines: One would fall in love with the baby trend expedition double stroller because it has a multi-position reclining feature. The stroller seats recline fully for the coziest nap and relaxation. In the baby trend, both the child can have a nap comfortably.    
  • 3-wheel Double Stroller:  The maneuverability is where this Baby Trend stroller shines the most. While testing, we noticed the stroller maneuvers pretty well on flat surfaces and even on uneven terrain and sand with its pneumatic bicycle tires. Even though there were some difficulties while moving through narrow spaces, that’s common with side-by-side double strollers.    
  • Lightweight and Compact: Another great feature of the stroller is lightweight and compact. Yes, we are still talking about a double stroller. The stroller weighs around 25 lbs lower than the Evenflo. Moreover, the stroller seats are independent and can be adjusted to different positions according to each children’s liking.   


  • Not Compatible with Car Seat: Baby trend expedition is packed with many features, but unfortunately, the seats are not compatible with car seats, so if you have an infant, this stroller wouldn’t be the best choice for you. However, you could use the stroller for babies over 6 months old.    

Wrapping Up: Best strollers for beach     

Going for a beach outing with a little one is much fun and going out with good preparation makes the trip hassle-free, fun, and memorable. I believe the first thing that would hit your mind is the thought of which kind of strollers are best for your family and beach gear. And with this best beach stroller article, I hope you have answers to all your queries and can find the right pick. Comment down below if you have any further questions. 

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