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Bugaboo Lynx Review: The Best Compact, Lightweight Full-sized Stroller

By Jennifer Ward

The Bugaboo Lynx packs all the bells and whistles of a luxury stroller into a lightweight and affordable buggy. Preserving the best of its predecessors, the Lynx boasts premium features and upgrades the Bugaboo offers without hurting your wallet! Let’s find out more in this extensive Bugaboo Lynx Review.   

Bugaboo’ Lynx is a demonstration of a thoughtfully crafted and carefully engineered stroller. The Lynx and the Fox from Bugaboo share many features, like a lightweight frame, a reclinable and reversible toddler seat, a spacious storage basket, and a one-piece standing fold option. It’s a trimmed-down version of the Fox to be more affordable. Unlike the Fox, Lynx doesn’t come out of the box with a bassinet. Lynx is the lightest full-size stroller from Bugaboo, weighs only 20.7 lbs. and is nimbler than the flagship Fox.  

Bugaboo Lynx Review: What’s in the box?   

  • Stroller frame, wheels  
  • Seat fabric  
  • Carrycot fabric with apron  
  • Storage basket  
  • Wheel caps set  
  • Handlebar and grips  
  • Sun canopy  
  • Rain cover  

Bugaboo Lynx Review: Colors  

Lynx comes in 8 different color combinations:   

  • Black sun canopy, black fabrics, aluminum chassis  
  • Black sun canopy, black fabrics, black chassis  
  • Blue mélange sun canopy, blue mélange fabrics, aluminum chassis  
  • Grey mélange sun canopy, grey mélange fabrics, black chassis  
  • Steel blue sun canopy, steel blue fabrics, aluminum chassis  
  • Fresh white sun canopy, black fabrics, aluminum chassis  
  • Mineral collection: light grey mélange sun canopy, 
  • Mineral collection: light grey mélange fabrics, aluminum chassis  
  • Grey mélange sun canopy, grey mélange fabrics, aluminum chassis  

Bugaboo Lynx Review: Weight & Size   

Lynx ranks among the lightest full-sized strollers weighing just 20.7lbs! That means it’s easy to carry, easy to push, and easy to store.

Size dimensions are:  

  • Unfolded: H: 100 x W: 60 x L: 79 cm 
  • Folded: H: 31 x W: 53 x L: 87.5 cm  

Bugaboo Lynx Review: In brief  

  • The good: Lightweight, most terrain maneuverable, premium design, high-quality fabric, spacious carrycot, spacious storage, stand-folding mechanism and fold with seat, puncture-proof wheel.
  • The bad: folding takes a bit of effort, only front wheels suspension, carrycot bar obstructs baby’s view.  

Bugaboo Lynx Review: Features  

Seating option

The toddler seat 

The Lynx seat is comfortable and can hold a child up to 50 lbs. The toddler seat can be reclined in three positions. The baby can be seated upright; this position is best for feeding, and a lay-flat position is best for your baby to nap. The seat is reversible: world-facing and parent-facing.  

The canopy is extendable, and it features 50+ SPF protection to save your baby from the sun’s harmful rays and a peek-a-boo window to monitor and engage with your baby while on the go.   

The carrycot

The Lynx is versatile; the frame is attachable to a bassinet, so it’s newborn-ready. The compatible carrycot fabric (which comes with the box) is high-quality; it’s comfortable and breathable. The carrycot is long, built to last, and a must-have accessory if you have a newborn and own a Lynx. 

One issue that can bother you is the carry handle; it’s challenging to interact with your baby if it’s attached. It’s better to unclick and fix it on one side while interacting with your baby.  

Car seat compatibility

Bugaboo has modified a Nuna Pipa car seat and turned it into the Bugaboo Turtle (prior turtle model 81701ZW01), an amazing car seat that requires no adapters to click on and is super easy to install. It’s comfortable and easy to maneuver. A Dream Frame is attached to it to give you more shade if your baby needs to nap in a dark and cozy environment. In the car seat, there is also a peek-a-boo window to engage your baby on the go.   

Apart from the Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna, the following car seats are compatible with the Lynx with an adapter:

  • Bugaboo Turtle One
  • Clek Living
  • Cybex Aton & Cloud Q series
  • Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30, Mico Max Plus, Mico AP, Mico NXT, Mico, Citi, Cabrio and CabrioFix
  • Nuna PIPA, PIPA Lite RX, PIPA R, PIPA Lite, Lite R

Wheeled board: Ride for 2!  

The add-on Wheeled board (to be purchased separately) is awesome if you have two kids, one of which is a grown-up toddler. The stroller board is a bicycle-type seat that connects to the rear axle and allows your older kid to have a wonderful ride.


The Bugaboo Lynx frame is made of high-grade aerospace aluminum. It’s sturdy and, at the same time, very lightweight, making it incredibly portable; you can carry it over your shoulder. The frame has an integrated smooth suspension system to offer smooth maneuvering on all terrains. 


The Lynx has a higher angled handlebar that is ergonomic and comfortable to push on surfaces. The leather-wrapped handle will give a spongy feeling; it’s simply amazing to hold. The handlebar has a safety harness for extra precaution while strolling over uneven surfaces or downhill.  

The handlebar extends from 99cm to 110cm—just un-click clips on both sides of the handle and let you slide to adjust according to your preference.  


The canopy in Lynx is admirable; it has SPF 50+ protection and premium fabric for added comfort. While fully extended, the canopy touches the footmuff and offers a lovely dark shade for the baby to nap in. A peek-a-boo window is there for you to engage with and monitor your baby on the go.  

Wheel & Suspension  

The rear wheels are larger (11.4 in.), and the front wheels are smaller (7 inches). The wheels are durable, and the foam-filled rubber wheels are capable of maneuvering on most surfaces. 

When we tested, we found that the larger rear wheels and front-wheel suspension created a balance that offers smooth gliding on rough surfaces. On uneven surfaces, you don’t need to exert extra force to push it. Its puncture-proof wheels are great for navigating in the countryside. The Lynx wheels are marginally smaller than the Fox 2, but it is not that big of a concern. 

Storage basket  

The underneath storage basket is super spacious and can take up to 22 lbs. of goodies. For most people, it’s sufficient for carrying weekly essentials; you don’t have to carry an extra bag. The basket is easily accessible, especially from the back. 


The Lynx is compact, and it also folds into a compact shape. The folding mechanism may seem complex, but with practice, you will get used to the process.  


How to fold   

  • Remove the seat unit for a compact fold; otherwise, place the forward-facing seat upright to fold with the seat attached.  
  • Lock the front wheels and apply the foot brake. 
  • Lower the handlebar to the lowest position (if stretched).  
  • Push the buttons on both sides of the handle; this is a four-finger process; use both your hands’ middle fingers to press the safety button and your index finger to pull in on the trigger. 
  • Then, drop it down and lift the front end for a stand-fold.  

How to unfold 

  • Reach down, press in on the safety locks, and pull up on those triggers.  
  • Lift it, and push the front end forward to unfold the stroller. 

Note: You can fold the stroller with the reversed seat. Recline it all the way, facing downward. Then fold the stroller. For a more compact fold, remove the wheels attached.  


The Lynx is lightweight and compact, so it’s easy to move around. The compact footprint made it convenient to maneuver in busy city streets and narrow walkways. The angled handlebar is comfortable to push and allows one-handed steering.  

Its large wheels with front-wheel suspension, durable aluminum frame, and accessible foot brake testify that your baby’s comfort is a priority for the Lynx.  

Ease of use   

Every detail of this stroller is crafted for convenience to simplify your stroller experience. Although it’s a pared-down version of the Fox, all the cut-off features do not degrade; instead, they turn it more convenient. The canopy gives full coverage, and the handlebar is rotatable and conveniently adjustable.

On top, the Lynx seat is comfortable and spacious for babies up to 4-5 years old. An easily adjustable 5-point harness system is easy to buckle up and unbuckle with just a click. The foot brake is easily accessible. Bugaboo has not overlooked the tiniest details of the Lynx and has carefully crafted it with ingenuity. 

Build quality

Bugaboo did not compromise on quality while producing this affordable stroller. The frame, fabrics, and rivets of the Lynx are of superior quality, giving you a luxurious feel. It’s super durable and built to last. Although it is lighter than the Fox from Bugaboo, nothing is pared down in build quality as you find in the Bugaboo Fox. I can assure you that even in 2022, it’s relevant for its robust build. The Bugaboo Lynx stroller promises to grow with your family!

Bugaboo Lynx Review: Pros & Cons

  • Ride smoothly on multiple terrains
  • Reversible seat with multi-position recline
  • Impressive design and luxury fabrics
  • Large basket capacity 
  • Affordable Bugaboo stroller
  • Self-standing fold and fold with the seat attached
  • The folding mechanism is a bit complex

Bugaboo Lynx Review: Comparison Table- Bugaboo Lynx vs. Other Bugaboos

FeaturesBugaboo LynxBugaboo FoxBugaboo Fox 3Bugaboo Bee 6
Imagesbugaboo lynxbugaboo-foxBugaboo Fox 3bugaboo-bee-6
Weight20.7 lbs21.8 lbs21.8 lbs20.7 lbs
Unfolded sizeH: 100 x W: 60 x L: 79 cmH: 89 x W: 60 x L: 84 cmH: 108 x W: 60 x L: 104 cmH: 91.5 – 109 x W: 53 x L: 88 – 102 cm
Folded SizeH: 31 x W: 53 x L: 87.5 cmH: 46 x W: 60 x L: 88 cmH: 34 x W: 52 x L: 86 cmH: 90 x W: 46 x L: 35 cm
Weight Capacity0-48 months, 48 lbs0-48 months, up to 48.5 lbs0-48 months, up to 48.5 lbs0-48 months, 48.5 lbs
Basket CapacityUp to 22 lbsUp to 22 lbsUp to 22 lbsUp to 22 lbs
Seat Recline3 Positions3 Positions3 Positions3 Positions
Reversible SeatYesYesYesYes
Safety Harness5-point5-point5-point5-point
Wheel SuspensionFront-wheelAll-wheelsAll-wheelsAll-wheels
Fold2 Hands, Self-standing2 Hands, self-standing2 Hands, self-standingSelf-standing
BassinetYes (Sold Separately)YesYesYes
Car Seat CompatibilityYes (with and without adapters)Yes (with adapters)Yes (with adapters)Yes (with adapters)
CanopyCanopy with no peek-a-boo windowCanopy with no peek-a-boo windowCanopy with breezy and peekaboo panelCanopy with Peek-a-boo Window
Convert to DoubleNoNoNoNo
View on AmazonView on AmazonOut of StockOut of Stock

Bugaboo Lynx Review: Bugaboo Lynx Vs. Fox Vs. Fox 2 Vs. Bee 6

All four strollers are lightweight, have a reversible seat with a 5-point harness, and carry babies up to 50 lbs. Also, the seats of these strollers can be reclined to three positions, providing the ultimate comfort for the baby. The Bugaboo Lynx, Bugaboo Fox, and Bugaboo Fox 2 have a basket capacity of around 22 lbs. There are differences too. Here is a detailed comparison:

Bugaboo Lynx Review: Comparison Table- Bugaboo Lynx vs. Others

Bugaboo Lynx Review: Bugaboo Lynx Vs. Uppababy VISTA V2 Vs. CRUZ V2 Vs. Nuna Mixx Next

Compared to others in this comparison, the Bugaboo Lynx is lightweight. What are the differences? Check out the detailed comparison below:

FeaturesBugaboo LynxUppababy VISTA V2Uppababy CRUZ V2Nuna Mixx Next
ImageBugaboo-Lynxuppababy vista v2Uppababy cruz v2Nuna Demi Grow
Weight20.7 lbs27 lbs25.5 lbs28.3 lbs
Unfolded sizeH: 100 x W: 60 x L: 79 cm100 cm x 65 cm x 91.5 cm101.6 cm H x 57 cm W x 78.5 cm L114.2 cm H x 60.1 cm W x 83.2 cm L
Folded sizeH: 31 x W: 53 x L: 87.5 cm84.5 cm x 65 cm x 44 cm82.5 cm H x 57 cm W x 42 cm L88 cm H x 60.1 cm W x 56 cm L
Weight capacity0-48 months, up to 48.5 lbsToddler seat: up to 50 lbs;
Rumbleseat: up to 35 lbs
0-42 months, 50 lbsup to 50 lbs (approx 4 years)
Basket capacityup to 22 lbs30 lbs30 lbs9.9 lbs
Seat recline3 positionsMulti-positions5 Positions5 Positions
Reversible seatYesYes, Both Toddler & RumbleseatYesYes
Safety harness5-point5-point5-point5-point
Wheel suspensionFront-wheelAll-wheelsYesYes
Fold2 hand, self-standing1 hand, self-standingSelf-standingSelf-standing
BassinetYes (sold separately)YesYesYes
Car seat compatibilityYes (with & without adapters)Yes (with & without adapters)Yes (with & without adapters)Yes (with adapters)
CanopyCanopy with no peek-a-boo window2-Panel, extendable, peek-a-boo windowCanopy with peek-a-boo windowCanopy with peek-a-boo window
Adjustable handlebarYesYesYesYes
Convert to doubleNoYesNoNo
View on AmazonView on AmazonView on AmazonView on Web

Bugaboo Lynx Review: Verdict

The Lynx is the lite version of the Bugaboo flagship Fox. Whereas the Fox demonstrates luxury at its best, the Lynx is the expression of luxury for less ($$$). Although it lacks many features of the Bugaboo Fox, the manufacturer still did not compromise much. It’s one of its kind, one of the lightest full-size strollers available on the market, and an excellent choice for those looking for a compact, lightweight stroller for everyday use.

The Bugaboo Lynx is the best option for those parents who aim to buy a luxury stroller at an affordable price. The only thing that will bother everyone is the folding feature. Although most regular or full-sized strollers have a complex mechanism, the Bugaboo Lynx will give you a tough time.

Yet we love it because it is smoothly maneuverable on most terrains and because of how well this stroller can glide through city streets, suburbs, and the countryside. It’s a budget-friendly stroller, convenient, kept simple, and easy to use. 

That’s all! I hope this Bugaboo Lynx review summarises everything you need to know before making your purchase decision.


Is Bugaboo Lynx ok for newborns?

Yes, the Lynx is newborn compatible, and comes with bassinet fabric included in the box. The seat also lay flat for infants. It has large wheels and a superior frame that offers smooth gliding over terrains. Your newborn will have a pleasant and comfortable ride in it.   

Can you fold Bugaboo Lynx with a bassinet on?  

Yes, folding Bugaboo Lynx with the bassinet or seat is possible. But note that it takes up a lot of space with the 1-piece fold.  

Is the Bugaboo Lynx all-terrain?  

Yes, Bugaboo Lynx has an all-terrain capacity. In most rough terrains, the Lynx performs better despite its front wheel suspension.  

Can the Bugaboo Lynx be a double stroller?  

No, the Bugaboo Lynx does not convert into a double stroller. With an add-on wheeled board, a second kid may ride along and gets a bicycle-type seat to sit.   

Is the Bugaboo Lynx bassinet approved for overnight sleep?  

No, The Lynx bassinet is not approved for overnight sleep. However, your infant may take a nice nap inside the bassinet.   

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