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The Ultimate Thule Sleek Review (Updated 2024)

By Jennifer Ward

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Sleek, flexible, and convenient, we have three words, to sum up, the Thule Sleek Stroller. It’s amazing how this stroller lets you embark on adventures with your toddler on most terrain! This detailed Thule Sleek review will reveal all the ins and outs of this 2018 stroller marvel! The Sleek stroller is a comfortable, convenient, and convertible stroller with numerous benefits. However, there are a few drawbacks too. Let’s dive deep into the details of the Thule Sleek review to find out if it’s worth buying in 2022? 

Thule Sleek Review: What’s in the Box

Before diving into the Thule Stroller review, let’s check out what you will get when you order the stroller:

  • Chassis (front wheels attached) 
  • Toddler seat 
  • Rear wheels 
  • Bumper bar 
  • Canopy
  • Rain cover

The Sleek can be converted to a double stroller by adding a bassinet or a sibling seat. To convert it into a double stroller, you need to buy adapters to install a bassinet or sibling seat. Moreover, the stroller is available in two other options.  

  • The Thule Bassinet: includes a bassinet, a bassinet rain cover, and upper and lower adapters. 
  • The Thule Sibling Seat: includes a sibling seat, a sibling seat rain cover, and upper and lower adapters. 

Thule Sleek Review In Brief 

  • The good: a convertible double stroller for newborns and toddlers, giant zippered storage basket, easy-to-install bassinet without adapters, large canopy; and convenient two steps for easy folding. 
  • The bad: Do not include a bassinet with the toddler seat stroller.  

Thule Sleek review: Specification Table 

Let’s dive into the numerical specification of the stroller.

Stroller weight  27.9 pounds  
Max seat capacity 49 pounds 
Sitting height 24.8 inches  
Folded dimensions83 cm H x 61 cm W x 42 cm L
Unfolded dimensions108 cm H x 60 cm W x 85 cm L
Recommended age range 0 to 36 months 
Minimum-maximum handlebar height 38 to 43 inches  
Basket’s weight capacity 11 pounds 


You can choose a color for your stroller from six different options. The Thule sleek stroller is available in black, midnight black, shadow grey, grey melange, navy blue, and energy red. The colors of the seat complement the whole stroller. Black and midnight black with a black chassis, which gives a classic look to the stroller. The chassis comes in silver for other colors, it’s more trendy. The navy blue with silver chassis is my favorite. Moreover, if you want something bolder, then opt for the energy red stroller with a silver chassis. 

Size & weight  

The chassis of the stroller is made of aluminum and weighs around 28 pounds. You can reduce the weight by uninstalling the toddler seat and wheels for folding. 

The seating area’s width and depth are 12.6 inches and 8.07 inches, respectively. The total length of the seat unit is 36.82 inches. The seat can carry up to 49 lbs. of baby weight.

The toddler seat can carry up to 33 lbs. with a width and depth of 11.81 inches and 7.67 inches, respectively. The length of the toddler seat is 36 inches. 

Thule Sleek review: Features

Seating options 

Toddler seat  

The toddler seat is fully padded with soft fabric for the comfort of the baby. It’s natural that your baby isn’t constantly in the mood to explore the world. In this case, you can rotate the seat so that your baby can face you. This reversible seat is reclinable to 3 positions, allowing your baby to take a nap in a near flat position. 

A lever is attached at the back of the seat, allowing you to angle the seat with one hand. Moreover, the toddler seat comes with an adjustable leg rest to support your baby’s tiny feet. 


The stroller lets you install a bassinet or carrycot without any adapters. You can carry the bassinet with a carry handle attached to it. The internal dimension of the carrycot is 30 x 13.4 inches and carries up to 19.5 lbs. of baby weight. The bassinet needs to be bought separately as it does not come with a stroller. 

Sibling seat  

You can add a toddler seat for your second toddler. The toddler seat, AKA sibling seat, requires adapters to attach to the frame. The seat is multi-position reclinable up to 3 positions allowing the ultimate comfort to the baby.  Since the stroller does not come with a sibling seat out of the box, you need to purchase it separately. 


The toddler seat has a five-point harness to keep the baby safe. The harness is padded and adjustable, leaving no space to escape. It is easy to release the baby from the harness by pressing the buttons in the middle. On top of that, you get a bumper bar with a stroller to give extra safety. 

Wheels and brakes 

The stroller has four wheels to move around with your baby. The front wheels are 8 inches, whereas the rear wheels are 11 inches. The tires are puncture-proof with rubber material and foam-filling.

Moreover, the front wheels are swivel and lockable to allow you to stroll comfortably on most of the terrains. The wheels are quick to set up and are removable for frequent cleaning. 

The brake for this stroller is located on the rear wheels. It is a simple, one-step activating brake. The pedal of the brake is big enough to engage it easily.


The canopy has a lot of detail in the design and is extendable up to 3 panels.  It has a small visor for extra sun protection for the baby. The canopy is built with UPF50+ material to prevent ultra-rays and protect your baby. Moreover, the stroller has a mesh window for air ventilation and a peek-a-boo window with a magnetic closure for easy access to keep an eye on your baby. 


The stroller has a telescopic handlebar to get a comfortable grip. The handlebar can be altered to fit the parents’ height.    

thule sleek storage basket

Storage basket 

The Thule stroller comes with a large storage basket. The storage basket can carry up to 11 lbs. of items. The storage basket has a cover and a zipper so that your belongings don’t fall out of the basket.  

Fold and unfold  

For folding, you need to pull the triggers on both sides of the handlebar. The folding is done in two steps and requires two hands. Pulling the trigger collapses this stroller and locks with an auto-lock feature. You can fold the stroller with the toddle seat on, and it self-stands after folding.  The stroller folds compactly and fits in a car trunk. If you want an ultra-compact fold, you can remove the wheels, toddler seat, and bumper bar to fit in your storage space.  For unfolding, disengage the auto-lock and pull the triggers on the handlebar to land the stroller straight on the surface. 

Ease of use 

The adjustable handlebar gives you the flexibility to set the height. The easy-to-reach peddle brakes aid in stopping the stroller at any time. Using a single handle, the seat can be reclined and rotated for the comfort of the baby. Furthermore, the stroller is easy to fold and unfold with quick, simple steps. How do those sound to you, easy to use?


The stroller is lightweight, which makes it easier to move around with the stroller. The stroller has a great suspension system. It has foam-filled wheels to maneuver over the terrain easily. You can lock the front swivel wheels to run on uneven terrain and busy city streets. The brakes and locks are easy to reach to activate when needed. 

Car seat compatibility 

Thule Sleek is car seat compatible and requires car seat adapters to be installed on the Sleek chassis. With a car seat and a toddler seat or bassinet, different configurations are possible. Popular brands like Maxi-Cosi and Chicco car seats are compatible with the Thule Sleek.

Thule Sleek review: Pros & Cons

Let’s look at some pros and cons of the Thule stroller. 

  • Suitable for both newborns and toddlers
  • Convertible double stroller
  • Spacious storage basket with zippered cover 
  • Excellent suspension system 
  • Large canopy 
  • No parent-organizer attached to the stroller

Thule Sleek review: Thule Sleek as a Double Stroller

In this part of the Thule Sleek review, let’s discover the Sleek as a double stroller. The Sleek is a convertible double stroller. It’s convertible into a twin stroller with the help of adapters. You can install 2 toddler seats, 2 bassinets, 2 car seats, or a bassinet and a toddler seat on the stroller frame.   

Moreover, the seats and the bassinet are reversible. There is plenty of space between the seats to recline. You can recline the toddler seat and sibling seat into 3 positions using a single hand. The seats have a lever at the back to set the angle of the seat.

The stroller is versatile, which lets you stroll with a baby or both babies. When you are going out with one baby, you can easily remove the other seat to reduce the weight. 

Thule Sleek Review: Things I Loved About Thule Sleek

Suitable for both newborns and toddlers: 

You can use the chassis for a newborn and a toddler. You can attach the bassinet to the chassis of the stroller. Newborns sleep 20 to 22 hours of the day, and in this stroller, they can enjoy naps on the go. When your newborn turns into a toddler, replace the bassinet with the toddler seat. The seats are comfortable for the baby and safe, with a five-point harness for safety. 

The stroller is convertible to a double or twin stroller: 

You can move around with this stroller with one baby or two babies with the attachment of adapters. Install a car seat or a sibling seat. They are easy to install and uninstall and are reversible too. Moreover, you can recline the seat into multiple positions too! 

A spacious storage basket with zippered cover: 

I love the storage basket not only because it is HUGE, and it can also pack all the daily essentials on the go. You can carry all the baby’s essentials like diaper bags, towels, wipes, etc., and zip the bag to protect them.

Excellent suspension system:

For excellent maneuverability, the stroller is designed with a great suspension system. The wheels block the sudden shocks and give a comfortable ride. The front wheels swivel and can be locked individually to stroll on grass or gravel terrains. Moreover, the rear wheels have a brake that can be activated by stepping on the lever.   

Canopy offers better coverage: 

The canopy of the stroller is large to protect the baby from the intense sun rays. The canopy extends into 3 panels, and one panel is made with mesh for better air circulation. The canopy has a sun visor too.

Thule Sleek Review: Accessories

To make the Thule Sleek a double stroller, you need adapters. The Sleek offers car seat adapters for different brands, other accessories are available such as leg rest, snack tray, bumper bar, rain cover, mesh cover, travel bag, etc. Let’s review them:

Leg rest: 

The leg rest is installed on the seat, and offers support to your baby’s legs on the go. The foldable leg rest is covered with a machine washable cover for ease of cleaning. The stroller is foldable with the leg rest attached. 

Bumper bar:

The bumper bar is easily installable on the seat of the stroller. The baby gets extra safety with the bumper bar on. You can remove it in case your baby doesn’t need it. 

Rain cover: 

The customizable and fitting rain cover is simple and easy to install. It has a front window for ventilation and easy access to the baby. 

Mesh cover: 

The mesh cover gives a customizable fit to the stroller, ensuring maximum sun protection. The mesh cover also protects from wind and insects. 

Bassinet mesh cover: 

This is a custom-fit mesh cover for bassinets. You can fit on the bassinet and protect your baby from insects or winds.  

Travel bag: 

The bag is fully padded to protect the stroller from scratches during transport. It’s flexible and spacious and fits the folded Thule Sleek easily. 

Cup holder:

The cup holder easily clicks onto the stroller’s handlebar. It can hold cups of different sizes, allowing you to carry coffee or drinks while strolling. 

Thule Sleek review: Comparing Sleek Vs. Other Thule

Thule Sleek Vs. Thule Urban Glide 2

The Sleek and Urban Glide 2 has a great suspension system to run through most types of terrain. The Sleek is a city stroller with 4 wheels, whereas the Urban Glide 2 is a 3-wheel stroller suitable for jogging. Both the strollers have a giant canopy to provide shade for the baby and are convertible to double strollers.

Thule Sleek Vs. Thule Spring

Thule Spring is lighter and thus easier for traveling, whereas Sleek is bulkier and heavier. Both the strollers are suitable for newborns and have a five-point harness for safety. They are also compatible with car seats, but you need to buy adapters separately. Moreover, they have an adjustable handlebar to make it comfortable for parents while strolling. The table below includes more information related to the strollers.

FeaturesThule SleekThule Urban Glide 2Thule Spring
ImageThule-Sleek-City-StrollerThule-Urban-Glide-2-Jogging-StrollerThule Spring stroller
Weight27.9 lbs25 lbs21 lbs
Unfolded sizeH: 108 x W: 60 x L: 85 cmH: 101.6 x W: 69 x L: 104.5 cmH: 108.5 x W: 58.5 x L:109 cm
Folded sizeH: 83 x W: 61 x L: 42 cmH: 34 x W: 58 x L: 87 cmH: 32 x W: 43 x L: 76 cm
Weight capacityMain seat: up to 49 lbs;
Sibling seat: up to 33 lbs
Main seat: up to 75 lbsMain seat: up to 64 lbs
Basket capacity11 lbs9.9 lbs11 lbs
Seat recline3 positionsInfinite recline (Doesn’t recline fully flat)Deep recline (Doesn’t recline fully flat)
Reversible seatYesNoNo
Safety harness5-point5-point5-point
Wheel suspensionAll-wheelsRear-wheel suspensionAll wheels (Not suitable for jogging)
Fold2 hand, self-standing1 hand, self-standing1 hand, self-standing
BassinetYes (sold separately)Yes (sold separately)Not Compatible
Car seat compatibilityYes (with adapters)Yes (with adapters)Yes (with adapters)
CanopyExtendable canopy with peekaboo windowExtendable canopy with peekaboo windowAdjustable canopy with peekaboo window
Adjustable HandlebarYesYesYes
Convert to double YesNoNo
View on AmazonView on AmazonView on Amazon

Thule Sleek Review: Comparing Thule Sleek Vs. Others

Thule Sleek Vs. Uppabay VISTA V2

The Sleek and the UPPAbaby Vista are both similar types of strollers. Both of the strollers have reversible seats and identical wheels. Though both of them have giant baskets, Sleek has a cover with a zip on the storage basket to prevent things from falling off. Furthermore, you can convert Thule Sleek and UPPAbaby Vista strollers into double strollers by installing the adapters. However, there are differences too.

Thule Sleek Vs. Bugaboo Fox 2

The Thule Sleek and the Bugaboo Fox 2 are newborn-ready strollers. They have seats that can be reclined to three positions using one hand. The seats have a five-point harness system, making it safe for the baby to travel. Moreover, all-wheels suspension system to offer a comfortable ride. The self-standing fold of the strollers makes it easier to store them. However, the Thule Sleek has less basket capacity (11 lbs.) compared to the Bugaboo Fox (22 lbs).

Thule Sleek Vs. Nuna Demi Grow

The Nuna Demi Grow is also a single-to-double convertible stroller like the Thule Sleek. Both of the strollers have a reversible seat with an easy reclinable toggle. Furthermore, both the strollers are compatible with car seats. A car seat adapter comes with the Nuna stroller, but you need to buy adapters separately for Thule. Find a detailed comparison table below: 

FeaturesThule Sleek StrollerUppababy Vista V2Nuna Demi GrowBugaboo Fox 3
ImageThule-Sleek-City-Strolleruppababy vista v2
Bugaboo Fox 3
Weight27.9 lbs27 lbs27.40 lbs21.8 lbs
Unfolded sizeH: 108 x W: 60 x L: 85 cmH: 100 x W: 65 x L: 91.5 cmH: 110.5 x W: 6 x L: 100 cmH: 108 x W: 60 x L: 104 cm
Folded sizeH: 83 x W: 61 x L: 42 cmH: 84.5 x W: 65 x L: 44 cmH: 89 x W: 61 x L: 60 cmH: 34 x W: 52 x L: 86 cm
Weight capacityMain seat: up to 49 lbs;
Sibling seat: up to 33 lbs
Toddler seat: up to 50 lbs;
Rumbleseat: up to 35 lbs
up to 50 lbs0-48 months, up to 48.5 lbs
Basket capacity11 lbs30 lbs9.9 lbs22 lbs
Seat recline3 positionsMulti-positions3 positions3 positions
Reversible seatYesYes, Both Toddler & RumbleseatYesYes
Safety harness5-point5-point5 or 3 point5-point
All-Wheel suspensionYesYesYesYes
Fold2 Hands, self-standing1 Hands, self-standing2 Hands, self-standing2 Hands, self-standing
Car seat compatibilityYes (with adapters)Yes (with & without adapters)Yes (with adapters)Yes (with adapters)
CanopyExtendable canopy with peekaboo window2-Panel, extendable, peek-a-boo windowExtendable with flip out eyeshadeCanopy with no peek-a-boo window
Adjustable HandlebarYesYesYesYes
Convert to doubleYesYesYesNo
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Thule Sleek Review: Conclusion 

We have come to the end of the detailed Thule Sleek review. The Sleek is a premium stroller with various features to make the ride comfortable for the baby and the parents. For its double stroller convertible feature, this stroller is great for newborns and toddlers. I travel a lot with a stroller and this versatile and functional stroller is a great companion to have. The Thule Sleek is convenient to use and elegant in design. Even after so much time, the Thule Sleek is still relevant and worth purchasing in 2022. I hope this Thule Sleek review helped you with the information you are looking for. Thanks for reading this post.


Is it easy to fold Thule Sleek stroller?  

Yes, the Thule Sleek is easy to fold. Pull the latches on the handle and lower the handle. Collapse the stroller in a single step for a self-standing fold.

How to convert Thule Sleek into a double stroller?

Add adapters for the bassinet and toddler seats on the stroller. Attach the bassinet on the lower portion whereas attach the toddler seat on the higher part to carry to babies at the same time.

Can the stroller be folded into a compact fold?  

No, the stroller does not fold compactly. But you can uninstall the wheels and the seat while folding to make it compact.  

Does Thule Sleek stroll on different surfaces?  

Yes, you can stroll on different surfaces with Thule Sleek. It has a great suspension system and front swivel wheels to ride on different surfaces.  

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