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Mima Xari Stroller Review: All Ins And Outs Of Mima Xari 4G Stroller

By Jennifer Ward

Mima stuns us with the Mima Xari 4G, a rare combination of luxury, innovation, and state-of-the-earth design in a modern pram. The stroller offers a comfortable ride with a compact ‘carrycot-inside’ egg-shaped seat and the freedom to choose a color statement to match your trendy lifestyle. The only drawback is the storage basket, which may not be large enough for many. Let’s dive in for an in-depth Mima Xari stroller review to find out if this stroller is worth your bucks!

Mima Xari Review: Mima Xari 4G-What’s In The Box  

  • Stroller chassis 
  • Stroller seat with carrycot 
  • Canopy
  • Carrycot apron
  • Rain cover
  • Car seat adapters 
  • Starter pack (seat pad, carrycot apron fabric, and carrycot mattress) 

Mima Xari Review: Mima Xari 4G Stroller in Brief

  • The good: This luxurious, stylish-looking stroller comes with customizable wide color options, a compact and egg-shaped reversible seat, and an easy-to-fold mechanism.
  • The bad: A bit heavy, the higher price tag

Below find the detailed size and weight dimensions of the stroller.

Mima Xari Review: Specification Table

Chassis weight 20.3 pounds  
Weight of carrycot with mattress 5.2 pounds  
Weight of chassis and carrycot 26 pounds   
Weight of chassis with seat 29.5 pounds   
Stroller weight 29.5 pounds  
Weight limit Birth to 37.4 pounds  
Unfolded dimensions 119 cm x 61 cm x 87 cm 
Folded dimensions 62 cm x 42 cm x 89 cm 
Minimum-maximum handlebar height 36 to 43 inches  

Mima Xari Review: Mima Xari 4G Stroller Features   

Seat and Carrycot  

The seat of the Mima Xari 4G Stroller comes in an egg shape and has an appealing look. The stroller’s seat and carrycot are interconnected since the seat pad goes into both the carrycot and the seat.

You have to switch the seat or carrycot every time you want to use one of them. The seat pad is found on the egg-shaped seat. You need to open the shell and take the seat pad out to assemble a carrycot. The attachments are easy to install, with a click sound to ensure that the tools are installed correctly.

For safety, the carrycot and the seat come with a 5-point harness. The seat is flexible to face parents or to face the world. When you are strolling with your baby, you can recline the seat in 3 positions. The seat is also reclinable using one hand with the lever given at the back of the seat.

Moreover, the seat and carrycot are covered with leather. You can easily wipe off the seat in case your baby spills drinks.   

Size & Weight    

This stroller chassis from Mima Xari is compatible with a carrycot and toddler seat. The frame is compatible with both seat options. The frame itself weighs 20.3 pounds. The weight of the carrycot with the mattress is 5.2 pounds. When you are carrying the baby on a carrycot, the stroller weighs 26 pounds. And the stroller with the toddler seat weighs 29.5 pounds.

The Mima Xari $G stroller is on the heavy side, but you will be able to carry it easily by the carry handle. The dimensions of the unfolded stroller are 119 cm H x 61 cm W x 87 cm L, allowing you to pass through any doorways. You can carry the folded stroller in your trunk if your trunk has space to accommodate 62 cm H x 42 cm W x 89 cm L.


The canopy is a hard, egg-like shell that protects your baby from even the most intense sun rays. It opens in three panels but has no peek-a-boo window. If your baby is facing forward, you need to walk up front to take a peek at your baby. However, in a scorching summer, your baby might feel a bit uncomfortable in this stroller as the canopy does not have any way of air ventilation.


The stroller is easy to fold but requires 3 steps for compact folding.   

How to fold (with bassinet) 

  • Remove the bassinet from the chassis.  
  • Adjust the handlebar at the top of the seat.  

Pull the levers upwards to fold the frames. Pull the handle on the seat unit for a compact fold. The folded stroller will self-stand, and the wheels let you carry the folded stroller without lifting.

How to fold (with seat)  

  • Adjust the handlebar and pull both levers on the handle to collapse. The stroller auto-locks when folded, making it easier to travel with it.
  • You need to use both your hands for folding and unfolding. To unfold the stroller, remove the auto-lock latch from the side and pull the handle. Flick the stroller as you adjust the handlebar for strolling with your baby on the stroller.   


Offering more convenience for parents regardless of height, this stroller comes with an adjustable handle. The handle is 36 inches from the ground when adjusted at a lower angle. The maximum height of the handlebar is 43 inches from the ground.


The unique feature of the Mima Xari stroller is that it offers a range of colors for the chassis, seat box, and starter pack. You can customize the color of your stroller as you like. Mima sells chassis in aluminum, rose gold, black, graphite grey, and champagne. To go with the chassis, you can choose a snow white, black, latte, champagne, etc., seat box. The starter pack also has a wide variety of options, and you can choose solid colors like black, denim blue, stone white, or stripes of black and white or multicolor.

Car Seat Compatibility   

Mima Xari 4G Stroller stroller is also compatible with car seats. You do not need to buy car seat adapters separately as the stroller comes with it. The car seat adapter is compatible with Maxi-Cosi, Cybex, Nuna, Clek Liing, and Cybex infant car seats.    

Storage Capacity  

The stroller comes with two storage baskets! One at the front and the other at the back. Both of them have lids and a bag piece to carry your essentials.   

The front storage is not big, and you carry a water bottle, small toys, etc. The storage bin at the back is more spacious than the front to carry a diaper bag and some changes for your baby. The storage space is not spacious enough to carry groceries in it.


The seat pad and the mattress are required for the carrycot and toddler seat. The seat pad contains a harness, which is essential for the baby’s safety. It has a 5-point harness with cushions to offer safety and comfort to the baby.


The wheels of the stroller are made of rubber to give a smooth ride to your baby. The front wheels are comparatively smaller than the back wheels. The front wheels are swivel and rotate 360 degrees when on terrain. You can lock the front wheels to run stable on grass or gravel roads.

Furthermore, the wheels are easy to install and remove. You can remove the wheels to wash them or store the stroller more compactly on a train, plane, or car trunk.


The stroller is equipped with rubberized tires, a great suspension system, and a brake. The brake on both rear wheels activates with a single tap. On the other hand, the front swivel wheels are lockable individually to run straight. All these features make the stroller easier to maneuver.


The stroller comes with a simple brake mechanism. The brake latch is placed at the center of the bar of the rear wheels, which is flip-flop friendly. You need to press the latch downward to engage and disengage the brake.     

Ease of use

The Mima Xari stroller is a very easy-to-use stroller once you have assembled all the parts. Assembling the seat may take a bit of time. The toddler seat comes with a seat pad that goes inside the bassinet. You can either use the bassinet or the toddler seat. When the seats are ready, they are easy to install. The seat and handlebar are easy to adjust, and the brake and locks are engageable with a single tap. Moreover, the folding of the stroller is possible with some simple steps.

Mima Xari Review: Pros & Cons

  • Reclinable and reversible seat 
  • Easy to fold and unfold 
  • Suitable from birth up to 3 years  
  • Smooth maneuverability  
  • Travel system compatible  
  • Pricey  
  • Small storage compartments  

Mima Xari Review: Mima Xari 4G – Set Up and Go 

The following Mima Xari instruction video will guide you through setting up your Mima Xari 4G stroller.

Comparison Table: Mima Xari 4G Stroller vs. Other Mima Xari

Mima Xari Review: Mima Xari 4G Stroller vs Mima Xari Sports  

Mima Xari 4G Stroller and Mima Xari Sports have the same chassis as the stroller frame. But they have different types of fabric. Xari Sports has a seat made of denim, whereas Xari 4G is mostly covered with leather. The seat of the Xari sports is deeper than the Xari 4G. Moreover, Xari 4G stroller comes with car seat adapters, whereas you may need to buy a car seat adapter if you want to use Xari sports for newborns. Let’s find out more details in the comparison table below: 

FeaturesMima Xari 4GMima Xari Sports 
ImageMima Xari Stroller 4GXari sports Stroller
Weight29.5 lbs29.5 lbs
Unfolded sizeH: 119 x W: 61 x L: 87 cm H: 114 x W: 62 x L: 79 cm
Folded sizeH: 62 x W: 42 x L: 89 cm H: 97 x W: 63 x L: 60 cm 
Weight capacityFrom birth up to 37.4 lbsFrom birth up to 37.4 lbs 
Storage basketYesYes
Reversible seat YesYes
Seat recline 3 positions3 positions
Safety harness 5-point5-point
Wheel suspensionRear-wheelFront-wheel
Fold2 hand, self-standing2 hand, self-standing
Car seat compatibilityYesYes
Canopy Triple-layered, fan-style canopyCanopy with UV protection, roof window
Adjustable handlebarYesYes
Convert to doubleNoNo
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Mima Xari Review: Mima Xari 4G Stroller vs. Others

Mima Xari 4G Stroller Vs. Uppababy VISTA V2   

The Mima Xari 4G Stroller and Uppababy VISTA V2 stroller are designed to carry newborns and toddlers. The Mima Xari comes with adapters to install the car seat, whereas the MESA Infant Car Seat is installed easily on the VISTA V2 without adapters. Moreover, the Uppababy VISTA V2 can be converted into a double or twin stroller, which is not possible with the Mima Xari.

Mima Xari 4G Stroller Vs. Stokke Xplory X 

The Stokke stroller can also be used for a newborn like Mima Xari 4G. The Stokke stroller comes with a toddler seat that is reclinable to three positions. You can install a car seat if you buy the car seat adapters separately. Both the stroller and the seat have a fully padded seat with a 5-point harness for safety.

Mima Xari 4G Stroller Vs. Cybex Priam 3

Cybex Priam is also a luxurious stroller like the Mima Xari with great suspension wheels. Both the strollers are easy to hold and compatible with car seats. Moreover, they have a great suspension system to ensure smooth maneuverability with your baby. Find a detailed comparison in the chart illustrated below:

 FeaturesMima Xari 4GUppababy Vista 2 Stokke Xplory X Cybex Priam 3 
ImageMima Xari Stroller 4Guppababy vista v2Stokke Xplory X Cybex-Priam3-Stroller
Weight29.50 lbs 27 lbs 29.5 lbs 28.1 lbs 
Unfolded sizeH: 119 x W: 61 x L: 87 cmH: 100 x W: 65 x L: 91.5 cm H: 131 x W: 56 x L: 101 cm H: 108 x W: 60 x L: 85 cm 
Folded sizeH: 62 x W: 42 x L: 89 cmH: 84 x W: 65 x L: 48 cmH: 105 x W: 56 x L: 47.5 cm (frame only) H: 95 x W: 60 x L: 40 cm
Weight capacityFrom birth up to 37.4 lbs 0-36 months, 50 lbs 0-48 months, up to 48.5 lbs 0-36 months, 55 lbs 
Storage basketYes30 lbs19.8 lbs11 lbs 
Seat recline3 positions5 positions3 positions3 positions
Reversible seatYesYesYesYes
Safety harness 5-point5-point5-point5-point
Wheel suspensionRear-wheel suspensionAll wheelsNoAll wheels
Fold2 hand, self-standing1 hand, self-standing1 hand fold, self-standing1 hand, self-standing
Car seat compatibilityYesYes (with & without adapters)Yes (with & without adapters)Yes (with adapters)
CanopyTriple-layered, fan-style canopyCanopy with peek-a-boo windowCanopy with peek-a-boo windowCanopy with peek-a-boo window
Adjustable handlebarYesYesYesYes
Convert to doubleNoNoNoNo 
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Mima Xari Review: Things We Loved About The Mima Xari 4G Stroller 

  • Reclinable & Reversible Seat: The Mima Xari seat is reclinable in 3 positions. The toddler seat reclines to a near-flat position, providing ultimate comfort for the baby. The bassinet lies in a flat position for newborns, which can be angled as well. On the other hand, you can install the seat, either the baby facing the world or facing the parent. The seat and bassinet can be set up according to your baby’s preference.
  • Adjustable Handlebar: The handle of the stroller is adjustable at different angles. It is comfortable for parents of different heights to move with the stroller.
  • Travel System Compatible: The stroller comes with a bassinet and a toddler seat so that you can use it for newborns. A pair of adapters also come with the stroller, which is compatible with various car seats.
  • Smooth Maneuverability: The stroller comes with big rubber wheels to ensure a smooth ride. The stroller has a great suspension system. The front wheels are swivel, which means they can be locked when you are walking through grass or gravel. The rear wheels have a brake latch that can be activated with a single tap of the foot.
  • Easy Foldability: The stroller is easy to fold and unfold in quick, simple steps. It’s foldable with the toddler seat attached, but the bassinet needs to be removed to fold. The folded stroller self-stands and can easily fit inside the car trunk. 

Mima Xari Review: Things to Consider Before Buying the Mima Xari 4G Stroller

  • Weight: The Mima Xari 4G definitely not a lightweight stroller. It’s not suitable for those who frequently travel with a stroller; it will be difficult to carry with other baggage.
  • Storage basket: The stroller has two storage baskets to carry the baby’s necessities. But they are small enough to carry daily necessities alongside on-the-go items.
  • Footrest: The footrest makes the toddler’s feet hang. A baby will outgrow the stroller in a very short time.  

Mima Xari Review: Stroller Insider’s Verdict

Here we are at the end of Mima Xari review. The Mima Xari 4G is a spectacular, trendy travel pram. Its features, like a reversible seat, extendable canopy, travel system compatibility, leatherette fabric, and compact and sturdy build, made it popular among modern parents. I like the stroller for its exquisite look and all the features that make my travels extraordinary. Thanks for reading the Mima Xari Review.


How does it feel to push the Mima Xari 4G?  

The stroller is easy to push because of the rubber wheels. They are smooth to ride on flat terrain and absorb some shocks to give a comfortable ride to the baby.   

How comfortable is the Mima Xari 4G for babies?  

The stroller seat and bassinet are fully padded for the ultimate comfort of the babies. You can recline the seat at 3 positions with a simple toggle at the back.   

Can I use Mima Xari 4G for my toddler?  

The stroller is suitable to use up to 37.4 pounds. If your toddler weighs less than 37 pounds, you can use the stroller.  

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