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Silver Cross Wave 2021 Review: The Most Happening Premium Stroller

By Jennifer Ward

silver cross wave 2021 review

Why Silver Cross Wave 2021 is The Most Happening Premium Stroller in 2021?  

British stroller pioneer Silver Cross’ Wave redefined in 2021. The latest Wave is luxury in every centimeter, a single to double and convertible travel system that leaves a lasting impression. That’s why it is considered one of the best luxury strollers. We are mesmerized by its spectacular sleek design, premium build, and a significant upgrade from the original Wave. The upgraded Wave 2021 version is 4.4 lbs. lighter, trendier with two-tone mélange fabrics and tan leatherette details, and more comfortable with a bamboo seat liner. For double accommodation, the tandem seat can now carry a grown-up toddler up to 55 lbs.!     

Silver Cross Wave 2021: What’s In The Box  

  • 1 Platinum stroller frame   
  • 1 bassinet   
  • 1 seat with a bamboo seat liner   
  • 2 canopies 2 aprons   
  • 2 belly bars   
  • 2 fitted rain covers   
  • 2 mosquito nets   
  • 1 cup holder   
  • 2 adapters for tandem seat   

Silver Cross Wave 2021: Review In Brief

  • The good: gorgeous and classy design, premium build quality, fabrics, 33 lbs. storage basket, thoughtfully crafted and superb finish, top-notch suspension, comfy seat, high seat position, height-adjustable handlebar   
  • The bad: Heavy, bulky fold size   

What’s upgraded in 2021  

  • 4.4 lbs. Lighter than the previous version  
  • Tandem seat weight capacity increased up to 55 lbs.  
  • All-new Bamboo fabric seat liner  
  • Upgraded fabrics  
  • Refined branding  
  • Zippered bassinet apron  
  • Enhanced tire tread and renewed wheel design   


  • It comes in three different fabric colors indigo, zinc, and charcoal   
  • Silver Cross Wave is also available in the Eclipse collection featuring black 3D printed fabrics and rose gold lining    

Silver Cross Wave Features  

Seating options

Toddler seat  

Brand new Wave 2021 seat is more comfortable with improved bamboo fabric seat liner replacing jersey knit fabric and lie-flat recline positions with adjustable calf support. The seat can accommodate up to 55 lbs. and is reversible, facing you or the world with 12 configurations with the bassinet included in the box. The seat is placed higher up for convenience, allowing you easy access to your baby; you don’t have to bend much. Besides, the seat may function as a high chair at a restaurant table so your baby won’t miss any actions or chances to interact with you. There is a 3-point state-of-the-art harness system to protect your baby, easy to buckle up and an easily removable belly bar for added protection.  


The bassinet included in the box is suitable for newborns and can carry up to 20 lbs. Carry your newborn in the bassinet alone, or go for double mode with the toddler in the primary seat. This bassinet is approved for overnight sleeping, so you can rest assured that your baby may have a sound sleep while on travel. The bassinet comes with magnetic closures, a cozy apron instead of Velcro straps in the original Wave, and a full coverage SPF 50+ canopy with two pop-out sun visors. Your baby remains protected from the sun’s harmful rays.  

During hot summer days, mesh fabric and the magnetic closure may come in handy to facilitate a gentle breeze into the bassinet. Also, there is a ventilation system at the base of the bassinet to provide ample ventilation. As far as the fabric quality is concerned, the bamboo lining is premium, hypoallergenic, and bacteria-resistant. A belly bar is there in the bassinet for added protection, and it has a premium leather wrapping for a firm and comfortable grip.  

Tandem seat  

The Wave 21 offers conversion to a double stroller to carry both your newborn and the toddler at a time. Wave Tandem seats are compatible, should be purchased separately. With the addition of a tandem seat, bassinet, and stroller board, there are 30 different seating modes. The most striking feature is weight capacity of the tandem seat is equal to the primary seat weight capacity, 55lbs.    

Silver Cross Wave 2021


The harness system is top-notch and effortless to buckle up with the help of the three easy clicks magnetic buckle, so you have easy access to your baby and more convenience for you. With a gentle pinching, unbuckle the harness to get your baby out of the stroller. The harness is ergonomic and comfortable with padded chest and harness pads, and ergonomic design.  

Car seats  

With a click of a pair of adapters, you can attach a car seat. The following car seats are compatible with Wave 2021:   

  • Pebble, Pebble Plus, Cabrio Fix, Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30, Mico, and Prezi  
  • Clek Liing  
  • Nuna PIPA Series 
  • Cybex Aton 2, Aton Q, and Cloud Q  


The Silver Cross Wave adaptors fit in car seats to the stroller. The adaptors are easy to use, fix onto the chassis easily and grab the car seats smoothly. The adaptors turn the stroller into a safe and secure travel system. 

  • Compatible Car Seats:  
  • Maxi Cosi Coral 
  • Maxi Cosi Rock 
  • Maxi Cosi Pebble Plus 
  • Cybex Aton Q  
  • Cybex Cloud Z 
  • BeSafe iZi Go Modular 
  • Britax Baby-Safe 
  • Kiddy Evoluna 

Frame & handlebar  

2021 version is 4.4 lbs. Lighter with ultra-light magnesium alloy frame. Although we found the frame is sturdy and handles shock efficiently while we hit on the road with this premium buggy.     

The Wave 2021 handlebar is telescopic height adjustable by 6 inches. The shortened height is 36 inches; you can raise it by 42 inches for taller parents. The handlebar has premium leather wrapping for a better and comfortable grip.  


The Wave canopy features an extendable dual-panel sun canopy with the peek-a-boo window with a magnetic closure if you need to block air. A hidden mesh window is also there for proper ventilation and air circulation if needed. The canopy comes with UPF50+ protection and dual panels and pop-out sun visors to fully protect from the sun’s heat. 


Whereas most strollers do not come with a cup holder, you need to purchase them separately as an accessory. This hefty-priced stroller comes with a cup holder included in the box.  The cup holder is a genuine one, no gimmick; place it on either the right or the left side of the frame.  

Storage basket  

The storage basket on Wave 2021 has a whooping capacity of 33 pounds. The bin is robust with a rigid base. A large diaper bag easily fits into the stroller along with other essential items, groceries. The basket is 8 inches deep, and the dimension is 19 x 17 (length x width) inches. There is a small interior pocket for organizing small stuff like keys and other smaller things.  

Wheels & suspension  

This Silver Cross gem of a stroller boasts a puncture-proof wheel. The wheel design now has a deeper tread for more traction.  The rear wheels are bigger than 11,” and the swiveling front wheels are 7.5″. The front wheels are lockable for rolling over uneven surfaces. Tires are foam-filled to glide over smoothly on most terrains.   

The Silver Cross Wave 2021 stroller comes with an improved all-wheel suspension that absorbs shocks and allows your baby to have a fantastic riding experience every time.     

Silver Cross Wave 2021 Benefits  


Silver Cross has made it easier to fold; you can fold this premium buggy with a bit of effort. One thing that bothers me is the folded size, and it does not fold into a compact shape. Still, you can easily fit in most car boots.   

How to fold 

  • Start by locking the wheels with your foot   
  • Pull up on the handlebar triggers and lower the stroller until it automatically locks in.   

How to unfold 

  • Undo the side lock on the frame   
  • Pull up on the handlebar to keep steady; you can step on the rear axle if necessary.   


Brand-new Wave 2021 boasts excellent maneuverability; it’s easy to stroll and requires two hands to push. Its rear wheels are larger. The front-wheel swivels, and you can lock it to deal with bumpy terrains. Its superb all-wheel suspension, shock-absorbing wheels, and sturdy frame give it an off-road capacity. This stroller can handle rougher terrains like grassy fields, gravel, or sand easily. But here is a reminder I would like to give, it’s not suitable for extensive off-road tracking. If you are into frequent trailing or hiking, don’t fall for the gimmick “all-terrain”; avoid this stroller. But it can handle most terrains with ease. For trendy city and suburban parents, it’s a super smooth stroller to push in style.     


Dual-mode option  

The Wave 2021 is versatile right out of the box, comes with a bassinet and adapters to go double! Attach the bassinet and the seat to carry your newborn and toddler at the same time. The adapters are adjustable to change the height of the bassinet or tandem seat slightly for more convenience. You can also attach a car seat, which makes it a convertible travel system too!     

Silver Cross Wave 2021

With the addition of a bassinet, a tandem seat, or a car seat, the Silver Cross Wave 2021 can easily turn into a double stroller. The tandem seat can carry a baby up to 55 lbs., 10 lbs—a massive upgrade in capacity over the 2020 version. The stroller frame can hold on to two seats, two bassinets, or two car seats up to different 30 modes for convenient sitting arrangement. So, you can be unhesitant to carry twins or similarly aged siblings.   

Some double seating modes may reduce the seat space; some positions won’t allow reclining the seat. However, we cannot call it a downsize since most double strollers have a similar issue. We don’t often use so much variety and stick to a favorite position.    

You may also consider attaching a stroller board to carry your grown-up third baby!    

Build quality & design

Optimum quality and undertone European style is the hallmark of the Silver Cross brand. Spectacular and royal family’s favorite Kensington Pram or the latest Wave, the brand has delivered fashionable and functional strollers. The Wave 2021 packs a punch with improved quality, and it grows with your family.   

It’s 4.4 pounds lighter than the previous Wave, yet it’s capable of carrying 55 pounds in both seats, making it the highest capacity double stroller available in the market.   

The frame of Wave 2021 uses magnesium alloy that is light yet durable. The fabric is the best you can get, and it’s super-premium. Every centimeter, to its tiniest details, Wave 2021 is spectacular to behold and build to last. The ergonomic design and superb finish-thoughtfully crafted by the British heritage stroller/pram maker.    

Ease of use  

Carefully crafted Wave 2021 is easy to use. In every detail, you will find luxury and functionality, and user-friendly design. The seat has a bamboo lining for comfortability, and the harness is easy to buckle and unbuckle. The extendable canopy has added a sun visor for extra coverage. The handlebar is adjustable by 16 cm for comfortable strolling for shorter or taller parents, and the belly bar is easily removable to offer easy access to your baby.   

The adapter for the bassinet is height adjustable. The cupholder that comes in the box can be attached to both frames. The Wave is easy to push around with larger wheels and all-wheel suspension. The front-wheel lock is easily accessible. In every detail, the brand-new Wave will pass your test to become your favorite!  

The latest Wave 2021 is lighter than the previous model, yet it’s heavy and bulky. It folds quickly with less effort, but the folded size is in no way compact in size; some call it a tank! It is a downsize. Make sure it fits your storage area before buying.

Pros & Cons

  • Elegant look, premium design
  • Top-notch build, high-quality fabric
  • Suitable for newborns
  • Comfortable and reversible seat
  • Convenient single to double conversion
  • Supports a wide range of accessories
  • Bulky folded size
  • Its 36 lbs. heavy
  • Expensive

Comparison Table: Silver Cross Wave 2021 Vs. Other Silver Cross Strollers

Silver Cross Wave 2021 Vs. Wave 2020 Vs. Pioneer 21 Vs. Coast

Wave, Coast, and Pioneer are the three in the current lineup of strollers from British Pram champions. The Wave and the Coast have many similarities: both expand to a double stroller, but the Wave is pricier and heavier. But still, Wave 2021 gets the merit point, with more configurations and accessories included in the box. Note that Silver Cross has discontinued the Coast. We have also added Wave 2020 for a detailed comparison. 

In summary, the Coast is like the base model, and the Wave is the full-fledged version. The Pioneer is a stylish single stroller and comes with larger wheels more suitable for off-road adventures. Find below a complete comparison between these four Silver Cross strollers:  

FeaturesWave 2021Pioneer 21Coast (Discontinued)
Imagesilver cross wave 2021Silver Cross pioneer 21silver cross coast
Weight26.6 lbs22.49 lbs27.9 lbs
Unfolded sizeH: 94-109 x W: 58 x L: 109 cmH: 95-108 x W: 61 x L: 80 cmH: 92-109 x W: 61 x L: 109 cm
Folded sizeH: 38 x W: 58 x L: 94 cmH: 33 x W: 60 x L: 87 cmH: 34 x W: 61 x L: 94 cm
Weight capacityMain seat: 55 lbs; Tandem seat (sold separately): 55 lbs;
Ride onboard holds 44 lbs
up to 48.5 lbsMain seat: 55 lbs; Tandem seat (sold separately): 45 lbs
Basket capacity33 lbs11 lbs33 lbs
Seat reclineMulti recline3 positions3 positions
Reversible seatYesYesYes
Safety harness5-pointNew Genius 5-Point harness system with magnetic buckle5-point
All-wheel suspensionYesYesYes
Fold2 hand, self-standing2 hand, not self-standing2 hand, not self-standing
Car seat compatibilityYes (with adapters)Yes (with adapters)Yes (with adapters)
CanopyCanopy with sun visor & peek-a-boo windowCanopy with sun visor & peek-a-boo windowCanopy with sun visor & peek-a-boo window
Adjustable handlebarYesYesYes
Convert to doubleYesNoYes
What’s new(Upgrade from Wave 2020) Lighter design, Upgraded fabrics, Bamboo seat liner
Out of Stock

Comparison Table: Silver Cross Wave 2021 Vs. Others

The Wave from Silver Cross, the VISTA from UPPAbaby, and Fox 3 from Bugaboo is the biggest competitors. These three strollers have many similar features and traits such as convertible double stroller, supports bassinet and infant car seat, huge storage space, supports a wide range of accessories.

FeaturesWave 2021Bugaboo Fox 3Uppababy VISTA 2
Imagesilver cross wave 2021Bugaboo Fox 2uppababy vista v2
Weight26.6 lbs21.8 lbs27 lbs
Unfolded sizeH: 94-109 x W: 58 x L: 109 cmH: 108 x W: 60 x L: 104 cmH: 100 x W: 65 x L: 91.5 cm
Folded sizeH: 38 x W: 58 x L: 94 cmH: 34 x W: 52 x L: 86 cmH: 84.5 x W: 65 x L: 44 cm
Weight capacityMain seat: 55 lbs;
Tandem seat (sold separately): 55 lbs;
Ride onboard holds 44 lbs
0-48 months, 48.5 lbsToddler seat: up to 50 lbs;
Rumbleseat: up to 35 lbs
Basket capacity33 lbsup to 22 lbs30 lbs
Seat reclineMulti recline3 positions3 positions
Reversible seatYesYesYes, Both Toddler & Rumbleseat
Safety harness5-point5-point5-point
All-wheel suspensionYesYes Yes
Fold2 hand, self-standing2 hand, self-standing1 hand, self-standing
Car seat compatibilityYes (with adapters)Yes (with adapters)Yes (with & without adapters)
CanopyCanopy with sun visor & peek-a-boo windowExtendable with peek-a-boo window2-Panel, extendable, peek-a-boo window
Adjustable handlebarYesYesYes
Convert to double YesNoYes
Out of StockView on AmazonView on Amazon

Things We Loved About Silver Cross Wave 2021

  • Sleek and trendy: The Wave is super sleek, not too flashy. Silver Cross gives the Wave a European undertone vibe and colors prevalent in all the Wave variants, including the eclipse collection. Wave 2021 is a premium buggy with trendy colors that urban parents will appreciate.     
  • Superior build: Wave, as a luxurious premium stroller, gets most of our attention with the superior build quality. From the fabric to chassis and the tiniest details, Wave 2021 exhibits care and craft. It’s a robust and excellent stroller built to last and grow with your family. That’s why it’s a bit heavy and bulky. But as a full-sized stroller, the weight is negligible considering its best-in-class build quality.  
  • Newborn ready: Out of the box, you will get a bassinet and adapter to install it. The all-new Wave certainly gives extra attention to the newborns. It also supports a car seat so your newborn can transport with you at great ease. The bassinet is spacious, and it’s premium built with comfortable bamboo lining fabric, same as the toddler seat.     
  • An array of seat configurations: Wave 21 doubles up right out of the box, with the bassinet included. You can attach a car seat for a newborn or a stroller board for an older baby. The seat configuration opportunity is endless; It supports up to 30 different modes for the sake of convenience! That makes the Wave 2021 as one of the most versatile convertible double strollers available. The position of the bassinet is adjustable with a simple push of the adapters.   
  • Spacious storage basket: Who does not appreciate massive storage as the Wave 2021 boasts? It can hold up to 33 lbs. of goodies. The spacious basket is accessible from both front and back. The base of the basket is solid.  
  • All-wheel suspension: Wave 2021 is a most terrain-ready stroller. Build for city terrains, including uneven terrains, grassy fields with off-road gliding capacity. The all-wheel suspension system is there to provide a comfortable ride through rougher terrains. The suspension is top-notch, with larger tires, a sturdy frame, and a footbrake that offers an easy pushchair experience for your baby.  
  • Height adjustable handlebar: The stroller seat is high enough. Besides, you can adjust the handlebar if you need to push the stroller from a comfortable height. How shorter or taller you are, the handlebar is adjustable, ergonomic, and comfortable for you.   

Things To Consider Before Buying Silver Cross Wave 2021

  • Bulky size: Like any other full-sized stroller, the latest Wave is bulky in size. Even when folded, it’s bigger than most strollers. Make sure its size dimension fits storage space or your car trunk before buying.    
  • Heavyweight: Its heavyweight may be a thing to consider for parents. Heavy means more hassle, and more challenging to carry and transport. However, most full-sized strollers are bulky like the Wave 2021.   

Accessories of Silver Cross Wave 2021

The Silver Cross Wave comes with a cup holder out of the box and supports an array of handy accessories like adapters, footmuff, changing bag, parasol, diaper bag (eclipse). You may buy a tandem-seat to accommodate your twins and a stroller board for an older baby.

Stroller Insider’s Verdict

The Silver Cross Wave 2021 is our favorite luxurious, premium full-sized convertible stroller cum travel system to date. To its tiniest details, thoughtfully crafted and engineered to offer comfort, convenience, and style. This incredible stroller from the British pram pioneer Silver Cross is best for parents with twins or siblings. Among the convertible double strollers, the Wave 2021 version stands apart for so many reasons. UPPAbaby Vista V2 stands neck to neck with this majestic Silver Cross Wave 2021 in features. However, the Wave is our favorite pick for Its super solid and sturdy frame, comfortable seat with endless configurations, sizable canopy, huge basket for storage, premium build quality, and unmatched style.    

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