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Joolz Day 3 Stroller Review: Stylish And Intelligent Design

By Jennifer Ward

(Kindly note that the product has been discontinued. You can read the review for information purposes only.)

Mid-2018 released Day³ from the Dutch manufacturer Joolz is still worth considering, hard to believe? This chic ‘cot’ design stroller, amid the flux of products released each year, left a lot of fans and searched by many. Joolz Day³ has an ever-evolving design after the original bestselling Joolz Day. The latest model claimed to be ‘smarter, easier and better; in this in-depth review, we will find out that impressions still sustain today? So, let’s dive in.     

Stylish and intelligent design, easy to use, maneuvers seamlessly, easy to fold and unfold with just one hand, adjustable handlebar and footrest, comes with a spacious and accessible basket.  

What are the downsides?  It’s large and heavy, expensive.  

How Improved the Joolz Day 3?  

Joolz Day³
  • Better storage, smarter cot design, improved ergonomics  
  • Quicker & easier folding mechanism  
  • Trendier design, five new, stylish colours  
  • Upgraded bassinet and the seat, simplified and thoughtfully crafted    
  • The upgraded frame has reduced undesirable noise and is more scratch-resistant  
  • The Joolz logo now placed on the joints of the chassis  
  • The handlebar has new attachments for hanging a bag or a cup holder  
  • The safety belts length is extended-easier and better than the previous models  
  • The foot brake can be operated by the bottom part of your foot.  
  • The leg rest is simplified and attached thoughtfully  
  • Improved packaging    

What’s In the Box?  

  • 1 x chassis  
  • 2 x front and 2 x rear wheels  
  • 1 x Bassinet and 1 x seat frame  
  • 1 x Bassinet and 1 x seat fabric  
  • 1 x bassinet mattress, 2 x bassinet tensioners   
  • 1 x bassinet cover   
  • 1 x harness  
  • 1 x extended sun-flap  
  • 1 x large shopping basket  
  • 1 x bumper bar  
  • 1 x sun canopy frame  
  • 1 x sun hood fabric  
  • 1 x footrest  


Joolz Day³ is stylish with 9 trendy colors, with a leather-finished bumper and handlebar, and comes with the choice of a silver or black frame. You can choose from 5 new fabrics available.  

The stroller is available in several editions: Earth collection inspired by nature, the French chic Studio collection with double stitching, and the Italy-inspired, elegantly quilted Quadro collection. 

Size & Weight  

The Joolz Day³ is weighty indeed. It requires a two-handed push to maneuver since it weighs heavy like a typical full-sized stroller.   

  • Weight (with seat attached): 29.20 lbs.   
  • Weight (with carrycot/bassinet): 31.3 lbs.  
  • Size dimension (with seat): H: 110cm W:59cm L:88cm  
  • Folded size dimension (without seat): H:32cm W:59cm L:68cm  

Joolz Day 3- Features  

Seating options  

One of the great features about this Joolz Day³ is that it comes with one seat frame, a toddler seat fabric, and the bassinet fabric that you can switch over based on your needs.   

The seat and harness  

The first thing is how comfortable the seat is? Our tester moms found their baby smiling while seated. This $1000+ stroller delivers cushiony and ergonomic, intuitively fits your loved little toddler. The maximum weight capacity is 50 lbs. The seat is positioned higher so that you don’t have to bend to reach the baby and can be used as a high chair at a restaurant.  

The seat is reversible in both ways: parent facing and forward facing, reclinable in three positions: sit, relax and sleep. Moreover, the seat has an adjoining adjustable footrest, easy to adjust, and telescopic footrest. The cot design is compact with plenty of spaces, has an easy one-hand remove belly bar, and a padded 5-point harness system for comfort.   

The harness is ergonomic and serves safety purposes. At the same time, it allows your baby to have the proper posture when tummy and back muscles are developing. 10/10.   


The bassinet compatibility makes the Joolz Day³ newborn-ready. It is spacious and attachable with a standard click system. The mattress of the bassinet is completely hypodermic and blendable. The cool thing is that the canopy has two mesh windows: a zipped meshed ventilation and mesh ventilation at the back of the seat for healthy airflow necessary for your baby. Thereby you can keep an eye on it without unzipping mesh ventilation each time you want to have a peek. The bassinet fabric is also foldable for easy transport. There is a belly bar included for added safety.  

car seat joolz day

Car Seat 

Yes, the frame is car seat compatible. But you have to buy a car seat adapter separately since it does not come up with the box. Car-seat compatibility is a feature that is vital for you if you run errands too often. Attaching an adapter, you can attach popular Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, Joie, or Cybex car seats. Check what models fit Joolz Day³.  

Frame and handlebar  

The frame/chassis with robust, lightweight aluminum material and an adjustable handlebar for taller parents. The telescopic handlebar is user-friendly and easy to adjust, the grip comfortable.   


The canopy of Joolz Day³ is a standard one. It is expandable and has a canopy with a mesh inlet and a sun flap. It offers SPF 50+ protection to protect your baby from the sun’s harmful rays.     

Wheels, suspension, and brake 

Joolz did splendidly on the wheels. The foam-filled wheels are puncture-resistant and easy to glide over all types of terrains. The rear wheel is larger (12 inches) and the front wheels are 360-degree swiveling and for easy maneuvering over busy streets and alleys and lockable for rougher terrains.   

  • All 4-wheel suspension coupled with the all-terrain tire ensures a smooth ride over terrains.     
  • The brake is placed at the rear bottom of the frame. Its marked red for easy and convenient to use.  

Storage basket

You will love the spacious storage basket on Joolz Day³ that can hold up to 22 lbs. The basket is highly accessible with the help of a spring mechanism.    


Even with the bold decision to cut down the auto-lock option, Joolz designers did a splendid job managing the compact shape fold of this full-sized stroller. With a few simple and easy steps, the stroller stands fold for garage storage. You can easily fold with an attached seat. In case you are using a bassinet, you have to remove the bassinet before folding it.  

How to fold 

  • Folding with the seat is only possible with the seat facing forward  
  • Pull back your canopy and pull in the footrest and then adjust your seat to this relaxing position   
  • Press the metal lever at the bottom of the handle extension to slide in the handle.  
  • Find a trigger underneath (a little white safety button), and pull up the trigger.   
  • The handle will fold down.   
  • Make slight adjustment for a standing fold (if needed)  
  • You can remove the wheel for a more compact form if required.  

Joolz Day³ Benefits  

Ease of Use 

We were blown away by the little details on the Joolz Day 3. The spacious storage basket is easy to use. The bumper bar is easily accessible. The stroller itself is easy to install, fold and unfold. This premium stroller is surprisingly easy to maneuver. Car seats smoothly cling to the stroller without much effort. We like almost everything regarding the usability of this premium stroller.   

Build Quality 

Joolz Day³ comes with a lifelong warranty. The aluminum chassis, premium plush fabrics, and leatherette handle took this stroller to the list of best luxury strollers. Indeed, it is an excellent upgrade from its predecessors. The Dutch manufacturer did a splendid job with ergonomic and thoughtful adjustments. The fabric is removable and machine washable. It’s truly a spectacular stroller that boasts par-excellence build quality.   


The stroller offers smooth maneuvering over city terrains thanks to its bigger rear wheels, lockable swiveling front wheels, sturdy shock-proof frame, foot brake, top-notch suspension, and height-adjustable handlebar. However, weight is a real drawback here. “With a bit of effort and if you can use both hands, it’s not difficult either,” one of the users told us. You can take this stroller to the park for a   


Day³ is a versatile full-sized stroller that supports a carrycot/bassinet or a car seat. Joolz Day³ transforms into a travel system by attaching an adapter. Day for your convenience. The toddler seat is reversible so that your baby can face you or the world-an amazing convenient stroller that fits urban and trendy parents.  

  • Stylish  
  • Sturdily built, it comes with a lifelong warranty  
  • Adjustable handlebar  
  • Adjustable footrest  
  • Reversible seat  
  • The seat is way higher above ground   
  • Supports bassinet or car seat  
  • Easy and stand fold option   
  • Easily accessible and spacious storage bin  
  • Not compact fold  
  • Heavy   

Comparison Table: Joolz Day³ vs. Other Joolz Strollers

Joolz Day³ Vs. Joolz Geo 2 Vs. Joolz Day+

Joolz has produced strollers that left an impression. If you are confused between Joolz Day³ or Geo², which one is better? The Day³ is often recommended for urban families, whereas the Geo² produced keeping off-road strolling in mind. However, there are many differences in both the stroller. So, you may decide which one to buy; below, find a detailed comparison of both the models from Joolz: 

FeaturesJoolz Day 3 (Discontinued)Joolz Day 2 (Dis.)Joolz Geo 2 (Discontinued.)Joolz Day+
ImageJoolz Day³Joolz Day 2 earthJoolz-Geo2-Mono-Complete-StrollerJoolz Day Plus
Weight29.1 lbs28.4 lbs31 lbs28.3 lbs
Unfolded sizeH: 100-111 x W: 59 x L: 84 cmH: 100-110 x W: 59 x L: 88 cmH: 94-108 x W: 60 x L: 94 cmH: 100-111 x W: 59.5 x L: 84 cm
Folded sizeH: 42 x W: 58 x L: 95 cmH: 44 x W: 59 x L: 92 cmH: 55 x W: 60 x L: 89 cmH: 35 x W: 59.5 x L: 94 cm
Weight capacityFrom birth up to 44 lbsFrom birth up to 44 lbsFrom birth up to 50 lbs, Second seat: 45 lbsFrom birth up to 48.5 lbs
Basket capacity11 lbs11 lbs22 lbs11 lbs
Seat recline3 positions3 positions3 positions3 positions
Reversible seatYesYesYesYes
Safety harness5-point5-point5-point5-point
All-wheel suspensionYesYesYesYes
Fold2 hand, self-standing2 hand, self-standing2 hand, not self-standing2 hand, self-standing
Car seat compatibilityYes (with adapters)Yes (with adapters)Yes (with adapters)Yes (with adapters)
CanopyCanopy with ventilation & peek-a-boo windowCanopy with ventilation & peek-a-boo windowCanopy with ventilation & peek-a-boo windowCanopy with ventilation & peek-a-boo window
Adjustable handlebarYesYesYesYes
Convert to doubleNoNoYesNo
DiscontinuedDiscontinuedDiscontinuedView on Amazon

Comparison Table: Joolz Day³ vs. Others

Joolz Day³ Vs. UPPAbaby VISTA V2

Both the stroller are full-sized, although UPPAbaby Vista V2 is a double stroller that is more versatile and functional than the Joolz Day³. Both the strollers are on the heavier side and do not fold compact as a full-sized stroller does. In comparison, the Vista V2 is more smooth maneuvering with better suspension with off-road capacity, whereas the Joolz Day³ is best for pushing around the city. Let’s discover a detailed comparison of both the strollers below: 

 Joolz Day³ Vs. Cybex Priam 3

All the three strollers are full-sized, although UPPAbaby Vista V2 is a double stroller that is more versatile and functional than the Joolz Day³ and Cybex Priam 3. These strollers are on the heavier side and do not fold compact. In comparison, the Vista V2 is more smooth maneuvering with better suspension with off-road capacity, whereas the Joolz Day³ and Cybex Priam 3 are best for pushing around the city and both of these strollers supports bassinets. Let’s go for a detailed comparison of these three strollers:

FeaturesJoolz Day 3 (Discontinued)Uppababy Vista V2Cybex Priam 3
ImageJoolz Day³uppababy vista v2Cybex-Priam3-Stroller
Weight21.8 lbs26.6 lbs28.1 lbs
Unfolded sizeH: 100-111 x W: 59 x L: 84 cmH: 100 x W: 65 x L: 91.5 cmH: 108 x W: 60 x L: 85 cm
FoldedH: 42 x W: 58 x L: 95 cmH: 84.5 x W: 65 x L: 44 cmH: 95 x W: 60 x L: 40 cm 
Weight capacityFrom birth up to 44 lbsToddler seat: up to 50 lbs;
Rumbleseat: up to 35 lbs
up to 55 lbs
Basket capacity11 lbs30 lbs11 lbs
Seat recline3 positionsMulti-positions3 positions
Reversible seatYesYes, Both Toddler & RumbleseatYes
Safety harness5-point5-point5-point
All-wheel suspensionYesYesYes
Fold2 hand, self-standing1 hand, self-standing1 hand, self-standing
BassinetYesYesYes (sold separately)
Car seat compatibilityYes (with adapters)Yes (with & without adapters)Yes (with adapters)
CanopyCanopy with peek-a-boo window2-Panel with peek-a-boo windowCanopy with peek-a-boo window
Adjustable handlebarYesYesYes
Convert to double NoNo No
DiscontinuedView on AmazonView on Amazon

Things We Loved About Joolz Day³  

  • Stylish and trendy: Joolz Day³ is super stylish and trendy. You will love the premium plush fabric, smooth finishes, and quilted leatherette details. A superb ‘cot’ style premium stroller. Urban trendy parents. Now available in five colors made this stroller is spectacular to behold.  
  • Smooth ride: It rolls over the cityscape pretty smoothly. It can easily take on the grassy parks or uneven ground. In busy streets and tight corners, you won’t feel a glitch. The stroller may not have the off-road capacity, but still, you can take it on trips outside the city.    
  • Robust, heavy built: The Joolz Day 3 is designed to grow with the family that comes up with a lifetime warranty. The aluminum chassis is solid and easy to maneuver. Due to the sturdiness, this stroller is a bit heavy.  
  • Newborn-ready: The stroller supports bassinet/carrycot for newborns. The bassinet is super spacious. You have to attach the bassinet fabric and mattress, and it’s perfectly ready for taking your newborn out. The mattress included in the box is comfy and ergonomic for them. The toddler seat fully reclines to accommodate your newborn.    
  • Supports car seat: Frequently outgoing parents like me tend to look for car seat compatibility for the stroller. You can easily switch your baby from car to stroller without much disturbance. The Joolz Day³, with the attachment of a car seat adapter, is compatible with many popular car seats available in the market.    
  • Adjustable handlebar: Joolz Day³ handlebar is adjustable and fits taller to shorter parents. However, your height is, it won’t be an issue. The handlebar is easy to adjust and comfortable to grip.   
  • Adjustable footrest: The footrest is also adjustable like the handlebar. It’s comfortable for your baby, and at the same time, the stroller stays with your family as the baby grows—the extendable footrest is adjustable to accommodate your baby’s growing feet.   
  • Spacious storage bin: Storage bin underneath the stroller is spacious enough to take a large diaper bag. The storage may come handy if you go for shopping or at the supermarket. The mesh bin is easily accessible. You will  love it.    
  • Stand fold: Although Day³ is not a compact fold, you can stand to fold it for garage storage or in a closet as it takes less space. Stand fold option is crucial for carrying the stroller.   

Joolz Day³- Accessories  

Joolz offers an array of accessories for Day³. Popular accessories include car seat Adapters, cup holder, seat liner, rain cover, organizer, food tray, summer seat, etc.   

Stroller Insider’s Verdict  

Functional, Intuitive, and thoughtfully crafted, Joolz Day³ is a real deal for trendy urban parents. A single stroller that is newborn ready and packs feature a single stroller should have. It supports an array of accessories and is built to last long with a lifetime warranty; this premium stroller, no wonder why has a fan following. If you are looking for a stylish, convenient, and user-friendly single full-sized stroller, Stroller Insider strongly recommends Joolz Day³ for you.  

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