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What Does All Terrain Mean for Stroller

By Jennifer Ward

Many of you may don’t know what does all terrain mean for stroller. Well, All-terrains are three-wheelers regular stroller that is built to provide comfort to your baby on any surface. The stroller is relatively heavy and generally weighs between 22 and 30 pounds. They are typically large when folded. If you are looking for a light and compact stroller, this type of stroller is not the best option for you. If you want a durable and everyday stroller for any terrain, for example, uneven dirt, grass-field, or beach way, all-terrain models are the option you should consider.   

Many people confuse all-terrain strollers with jogging strollers. All-terrains are regular strollers with big air-filled tires designed specifically for various turfs, including plain city places, sandy, snowy, or off-roads. This type of stroller features a lockable swiveling front wheel, while on rougher terrains, wheels can be locked to make the stroller more stable. These strollers are best for hiking, rolling in the rural landscape, beachy terrains, etc. Best All-terrain strollers are designed to offer comfort to your baby on any terrain you may imagine strolling with your baby.


Features of A All-Terrain Stroller  

What features make a stroller all-terrain? Let us find out.    

  1. Large and Thick Tires: All-terrain thick tires are air-filled and large. Rear tires are Larger (12 inches or more) to offer a smooth ride over those non-plain turfs while ensuring a comfortable ride for the resting baby. All-terrain strollers have lockable swiveling wheels. The front tire can be locked for rolling over any rough surface.     
  2. Comfortable Seat: A padded and reclining seat is a must-have feature for an All-terrain stroller. Jolt and jarring from a rough turf may lead to an impact on the baby’s head and spine. Many All-terrains have a sling-style seat to keep the baby from bumping against the back.   
  3. Padded Harness: A five-point, padded harness system that has a fastening option from both shoulder, hips, and between the legs is ideal for the safety and security of an all-terrain stroller. Your baby will be rolling on tricky surfaces, safety security is a big issue here.
  4. Extendable Canopy: These made-for-adventure strollers are ready to go on terrains without many glitches. You will be tempted to take your baby to different surfaces (beach or grassy) for a long period since your baby will feel comfortable in it. A fully extendable canopy is a necessary feature to keep your baby from the sun’s harm. A baby may take a nap under the shade.
  5. Car Seat Compatibility: We have mentioned before that this type of stroller is not for infants less than six months old. But for your convenience, some of them are car seat compatible so that you can cling your car seat to it. You may need to buy a car seat adapter compatible with your all-terrain.   
  6. Add-on Features: These strollers are big in size since this type of stroller requires to be durable to handle trickier surfaces. Thus most of these strollers are equipped with a parent console, cup holder, child tray, organizers, and other necessary features that will be useful when you are beyond the urban landscape!   

Jogging Stroller Vs. All-Terrain Strollers   

The all-terrain stroller has air-filled wheels and is designed to offer comfort for your baby on rough terrains like sand or snow, whereas a jogging stroller is produced for jogging or running purposes. Whereas jogger stroller strollers are typically lightweight so that you can run around the park easily and comfortably. All terrains are heavy, robust, and capable of handling off-road tracks, hiking, or countryside surfaces.

An all-terrain stroller is a hybrid of a regular and jogger stroller. All terrains stroller comes with larger and thicker tires of jogger stroller to glide easily on rougher terrains and spacious storage bin, often a convertible travel system and other essential features that regular stroller packs. All-terrain strollers are not fit for below six months old unless it is car seat supported, there are plenty of jogger models that are suitable for newborns.

Why choose All-Terrain Strollers?    

These strollers are built to sustain all terrain types with comfort for the parents and the baby. If you live around uneven terrains or planning to trip to a beach, hiking, or trail with your baby, an all-terrain stroller is for you. Those lightweight jogger strollers may not sustain the rigors of the off-road.

Wrapping Up   

What is the best stroller you should buy? The answer is what works for you the best!  All-Terrain strollers are designed for a specific purpose, to go through all kinds of terrains. The bests of them are equipped with durable wheels. You can take them for hiking; air-filled rubber or foam tires will sustain the shakes and rigors of the road where the other strollers may fail.

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